Sites for Fundraising

Fundraising platforms are an extremely effective way to reach people you know (and even those who don’t know you yet.)  The instructions are easy to follow, and you can make a unique, personal appeal and often a video explaining the room at Kokrajhar you are building.  You and your donors can keep track of progress with a “thermometer” or currently raised amount that changes with each donation.

We’ll also provide you with a sample video script you can use as well as ready to email messages that you can customize.


Kit Material

  • Fundraising Sites

    Here is a link describing the Top 12 fundraising sites. We have found these three easy to use, but you find the best one for you:

  • Sample Video

    Here is a sample of what your video might look like.  This one features Sylvia Jabaley, a yoga enthusiast, who is encouraging other people who practice yoga to help her build a room.

  • Fundraising Example

    Jack Walsh, a high school senior did just that, raising $5,000 for eco-friendly resources with photos. And Jack offers a video example of his effective appeal.

  • Sample Email Message

    Here is a sample message for you to send to your email list, your Facebook friends, whoever you want to communicate your passion to help build an orphanage in India.  You can put in your fundraising site as well. Also, you can use this photo of a little girl begging for food – it makes the point that this is exactly the kind of girl we want to protect.  The important thing: make the message your own – use your words as they come directly from your heart.

  • Sample Video Script

    If you are making a video, here are the basic points you should cover. A hint: look over the script and then make up a sheet with these words, big enough to read at the distance between you and your camera. You may not remember everything from the script, but if you hit these four points, you will get the message across very well.

    • Project/Problem (Girls in danger on streets/Need to build a safe home for them)
    • Partnership with Homes of Hope
    • Specific audience you are addressing
    • How it Works/How You Can Help

Here are some notes from a Crowdrise webinar that might be helpful:

  • The objective is to make fund raising as exciting and cool as your Facebook posts.

  • Turn supporters into fund-raisers themselves.  Let them catch the fever and pass on your message to their friends.

  • Three things needed as you raise money: 1) ask for the support; 2) thank person for support, but then 3) follow up with update, encouraging even more donations: “Our Goal is….and we are just …. from the goal right now.  Can you help us make it?”

  • When doing an event: two things for follow up: 1) thank them for coming; 2) we want to turn your (for example) $25 donation into the $250 that you can raise.

  • There are a great variety of types of charities on Crowdrise and other sites, so LetsBuildanOrphanage will be very appealing to people who want to help orphans and girls at risk.

  • Top takeaways from webinar: 1) Make fund-raising fun; 2) this is about building a charitable life, not just a one-time donation. People who donate are friends of future LetsBuildanOrphanage projects.

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