Occasions for Fundraising

A no-present birthday party that raises money to build an orphanage?  A second marriage celebration (where the couple has all the dishes and blenders they’ll ever need) with donations for the orphanage building?  A memorial remembrance for a departed loved one.

There are so many occasions where people will be happy, relieved and excited to make donations to the orphanage instead of buying gifts.  And many folks tell us it’s much easier to donate to a cause like LetsBuildanOrphanage.com than to figure out a gift for the person who already has so much.  We’ll give you our ideas for a start. . .


  • Birthdays

    Meet Molly and Lilli.  These young ladies, 10 and 13 years old, recognized their own great fortune and dedicated their last birthday party to Homes of Hope India.  Their friends and family honored their wishes with almost $1,000 in donations.  Other donors honor their adult children’s birthdays with contributions to Homes of Hope.  Turn celebrations into contributions for LetsBuildanOrphanage.com.

  • Anniversaries

    Silver, gold—or any–anniversary approaching?  Consider dedicating your anniversary to LetsBuildanOrphanage and let the commitment and love of your successful marriage translate to a new home for the girls of Solabasti.

  • In Memory of Your Loved One—or yourself

    The recent loss of a dear friend led to almost $3,000 in donations from his loving friends and family.  Now, he has another legacy in the support for the girls of Homes of Hope.

  • Weddings—especially for second marriages

    By dedicating your wedding to LetsBuildanOrphanage, the love shared in your new family can spill over to the girls of Solabasti.  Include Homes of Hope in your celebration and create a home for abandoned girls in India.

  • Bat/Bar Mitzvah

    As Jesse Sachs-Berliner approached his 13th birthday, he talked with his parents: I want to do something for somebody else.  He received many bar mitzvah presents, but he set aside enough to sponsor a girl in a Home of Hope orphanage.  Such rites of passage provide a great opportunity to allow young people to practice the gift of giving.


Other Occasions

  • Christmas

    In lieu of gifts, consider the opportunity to shift your family’s focus from store-bought items to the opportunity to build a home for the girls of Solabasti.

  • Discount Sale to Benefit LetsBuildanOrphanage

    Many stores in your area are eager to give back…and to bring customers in their location.

    For instance, the Ashley Furniture Home Store in Wilmington, NC, recently held a charity event:

    • Come in, donate $25 for LetsBuildanOrphanage and you receive a 40% discount off your purchase.

    There are many other ways:

    • No donation or a smaller donation, and a certain percentage of sales goes to LetsBuildanOrphanage
    • Special sales items get larger percentage, like beds (helping to buy beds for the orphanage, for instance.)
    • Coffee shops, jewelry stores, car dealers – all are looking for good causes to support and create      customer good will and sales.

Use your imagination.

Retailers are eager to have appealing themes that bring in customers.  You are raising money for LetsBuildanOrphanage, creating awareness of the plight of orphan girls in India, bringing a community together for a great cause, spreading good will…and increasing sales.  This is a win-win-win.


Contact us at paulwilkes@ec.rr.com  and we will send photos for invitations or holiday cards.  We can also send sample invitations that you could use for occasion fundraising.

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