Groups for Fundraising

Sometimes people want to help us build orphanages, but ask: “Where do I start?  Who can I ask to help.”  If you totaled up the people you communicate with on Facebook, add your email list, then look around at the various groups that you are part of, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of possibilities.  And, again you make the difference.  Your enthusiasm, your desire to help these orphan girls is, as we say at Homes of Hope, a “good virus” that spreads and spreads.


How to find your “natural” groups

A good exercise is just to list all the different places you find yourself in during a typical day and the people with whom you interact. You might work out at a health club, stop at a coffee shop or restaurant, and then go to work or school. You might be retired and spend a morning at a senior center. In the evening you might attend a sorority, club or church meeting. You might go out to a favorite restaurant. You get home and go through email, where you find both professional and personal messages.

Each of us is part of many worlds, many of which are the natural places to go as you build your room at the Solabasti orphanage.

  • Email List

    We have created a sample message, but you will make it better and more personal.  You may want to send out the same message to your list, or better yet, tailor the message to each group within your list.  Some people you have known for years, some are family members, some are new acquaintance or those you know from your professional or social life.  Each group deserves a message that speaks to them.  Think about it: if you receive a generic request, you may not respond, even though you know the person well.  On the other hand, if it is apparent the message is personal, you are much more likely to want to help. And don’t forget to attach Build a Home of Hope in Kokrajhar and Short History of Homes of Hope India.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Social Media List

    Here is a chance to send out a number of different appeals and to keep people up to date on your progress.  Everyone likes to see progress and to follow a story.  That’s what  you do when you periodically send a message and Solabasti photo or story.

  • Activity

    It might be your runners group or the yoga class you attend, your bridge club, the senior center where you go for a regular game of ping pong, your golfing foursome.  You are known and people will be ready to respond because 1) The need to rescue these orphan girls is so great 2) You have a specific goal, to build a room and 3) You care enough to take on the challenge to raise the funds to build that room.

  • Place of Worship

    What better place could there be than your church or synagogue?  There, people are predisposed to helping and they will be touched by your dedication and enthusiasm.  Also, here is a perfect place to show one of the DVDs or hand out flyer.  Perhaps your place of worship already has a fund to help the poor and needy; you could apply for a donation.

  • Social or Fraternal Club

    The people with whom you share common goals – be it clubs like Rotary or Lions, or a fraternity or sorority – are people that you know and who know you.  You can speak from your heart.  You can organize a fun- and fund-raising activity.  We all like to be part of groups that stand for something, that accomplish something.  LetsBuildanOrphanage offers a perfect opportunity.

  • Young Women/Young Mothers/Women In General

    Who will “get it” more quickly than women?  Women will identify with the plight of these vulnerable girls and you are providing them with an opportunity to do something about it.  You are giving them a chance to make a difference, a huge and lasting difference in the lives of the hundreds, thousands of girls who will be kept safe and sent on a path to a productive life through the building of the Solabasti orphanage.

  • Your Family

    Especially if you are a younger person, your family will want to help.  Just knowing that you have taken on this challenge will inspire them to help.


Once you identify your natural groups for fundraising, you will find the best way to tell them about LetsBuildanOrphanage. Don’t be shy about asking, but also give it some thought. Your “ask” might be an email, or over a cup of coffee, an agenda item at a meeting, or putting a flyer in their hand. You be the judge…and always turn the situation around: how and where would you like to be approached?

Some people have the mistaken impression that people don’t want to be asked. Quite the opposite. People who know you – in the many groups that you are part of – are usually impressed that you would think enough of them to ask.

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