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Fundraising events are great fun and a great opportunity to tell the Kokrajhar story and raise funds to build or furnish your room.  We’ll give you a start with some of our ideas. . .but then your ingenuity will kick in and we’re sure you’ll have even more ideas for fundraising events.  Also, share your events and ideas with the Facebook LetsBuildanOrphanage group.  The Homes of Hope family can offer insights as we work together.

First, think about the places you already go and the things you already do to envision your best possible fundraising events.  Build community within your own community by working together to raise funds to build an orphanage for the girls of Kokrajhar.

Next, check local events calendars from the year before to make sure that you don’t plan your event at a time when your community will already be busy with a major, well-established event.  If a big 10K run for another cause already exists, don’t schedule on that day.  Are there already several of particular events?  If so, consider another approach—or perhaps a different season.

Finally, recruit a circle of friends and family to work with you.  This is going to change the lives of girls in Solabasti, India.  And we believe it will be life-changing for many of you.  Invite your friends and family along for the excitement and together. . .  LetsBuildanOrphanage. . .

Check out some of the resources below to start planning your own events.


How To…


Other Fundraising Tips and Ideas

Some simple community fundraisers can go a long way.

  • 50/50 Raffle

    Add a 50/50 raffle to any event and raise funds quickly while adding some excitement to your event.  In a 50/50 raffle, one winner splits the proceeds with Homes of Hope.  All you need is a roll or two of double tickets.  Keep one ticket and give one to the person who purchased the ticket.  Encourage bigger donations by giving a price cut for more tickets:   $25 ticket or 5 for $100, for example.  Near the end of the event, draw a ticket and split the proceeds between Homes of Hope and the lucky winner.  (Often, winners will be satisfied with the bragging rights and donate their half for the cause.)

  • Prize Raffle

    Find an exciting prize to be donated by a local business—like a car, boat, or other major prize.  Check out this unique diamond-in-a-cupcake raffle from DREAMS of Wilmington and Spectrum Art & Jewelry in Wilmington, NC.  Imagine the excitement generated by the idea of eating a cupcake AND finding a diamond in it.  Creativity goes a long way.  This approach also brought in $1,000—putting the “fun” in fundraiser.

  • Include Homes of Hope Gifts and Gear in a Prize Raffle

    Add a personal Homes of Hope touch to any prize raffle by including our pendants, necklaces, tote bags, and t-shirts.

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