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Let’s Build An Orphanage

LetsBuildAnOrphange.com lets YOU build an orphanage for abandoned and abused orphan girls in Solabasti, India.


The orphan girls that will live at Solabasti have been physically, morally, and sexually exploited and abused.  Many have lived on the streets in terrible poverty.  Some of their parents have died of AIDS.

They dream of having a safe home, nutritious food, a chance to go to school.

Together, we can make their dream a reality

We’re Homes of Hope and we build orphanages for the poorest of the poor in India.  Learn more about us and see our video, “A Miracle Unfolding.”

divider_upLATEST NEWS

February 28, 2014

Congratulations – Because of your generosity, we have sufficient funds committed–in donations and pledges–for  the orphanage/training centre building at Solabasti, India.  This project is a tremendous achievement, #4 for the Homes of Hope family.  It will profoundly change the lives of the children and many poor families in Solabasti. Because of you, they will break the cycle of poverty and go on to productive lives.

If you notice, building is in bold face, because there are just a few more items on the grounds outside that building that are needed:

  • Water purification system ($5,000) – Rose Walsh, a high school student in Boston, has pledged to fund that system
  •  Biofuel tank ($7,500) – Recycling animal manure and kitchen waste will produce biogas to cook the food for the children
  • Solar panels to generate electricity  ($7,500) – Because of erratic (sometimes nonexistent!) electrical power, Solabasti would be plunged into darkness, halting classes and normal activities.
  • Playground/playing area ($15,000) – Ah, here is my favorite!  We need a playground with swings and slides, and a nice flat area to play soccer and cricket so our kids can exercise and grow up healthy.
  •  Statue of Our Lady of Homes of Hope and Fountain ($25,000)  – We will have a special statue made for Solabasti, an Indian woman, in sari, at once Our Lady, Mother India and the mother of each child in our care.


Which one of these dreams do you want to make a reality?




prayerCome in, visit Solabasti and see what your orphanage will look like.  Learn how you, your friends or family, civic group, school or social club can actually Build an Orphanage, room by room.  We’ll show you how you can choose and build a room, using social media and the already wide circle of friends you have.  They will be excited to work with you to build the Solabasti orphanage.

And the orphan girls want to give you something in return.  Each day, the girls and the Salesian sisters who care for them will pray for all you builders, by name.  Just think: a prayer each day for you.  Perhaps those prayers will be said just when you need them the most.

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